Monday, 7 March 2011

The power of the written word

Comfortably snowed in, I sit by the fireplace with my cat looking curiously at me (I think she knows what I'm doing ~ Shhhh...), as I type away with this post.

Today I am going to stray from the more technical path in this post and actually talk about something much more intuitive and obvious; it's called content.

Adding tags and metas is fine, but what it all comes down to is actually structuring your content to be professional and, frankly, pleasant! Maybe your high school essays left something to be desired, but still try writing something that frames what you're presenting a little better than "Hey guys, this is something great I found online. Enjoy!".

 You see, properly structured content acts in two ways:

 a) Google reads it and cross-references it to your meta keywords, your page title and the site and page URLs and from that it judges whether you are actually serving what you claim to be via all that data. It doesn't appear to hurt anybody for having inconsistent data, but it doesn't help them either, especially in google searches.

b) Frankly, help the visitor out. Vague statements are rarely of any use or help. There was some reason your language teacher went blue for repeating over and over again how an essay (or any statement) should be structured. People who enjoy what they read are more prone to come back to enjoy some more. For my part, I can remember IM conversations that were vastly more enjoyable that a look at some teenagers' blogs. Such satisfied customers will generate repeat traffic which will, undoubtedly, boost your Google (and any and all search engine) status.

In closing, my dear friends, it is expedient that you learn to communicate through writing; the power of the written word is your weapon and ally! Use it wisely. Goodnight.

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